Radio Zastava

6. Juli 2018 um 20:00 – 22:00
Verein Die Brücke
Grabenstraße 39
8010 Graz

Oneiric, lysergic, eclectic, furious, irreverent… RADIO*ZASTAVA are unique within the varied scenario of European bands having a Balkan music background. Active since 2005 and coming from the multi-cultural town of Gorizia, the eight members of the band have Italian, Friulian, Slovenian, Austrian and Bosnian Serb origins. Few can combine an in-depth knowledge of Eastern Europe’s most intricate rhythms, harmonies and melodies with a variety of music genres ranging
from rock to punk, from swing to free improvisation, from reggae to the most diverse electronic impulses, enriched with tremendous drive and great theatrical skills.

Over their 9 years of music activity, the band from Gorizia has eaten up tens of thousands of miles to play in more than half of Europe – Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, England, Scotland, Bosnia, Slovenia, Russia and Serbia. They
also participated in prestigious festivals including Fête de la Musique (Paris), Paradise Gardens (London), Sherwood Festival (Padua), Küstendorf (Serbia), Deň Radosti (Saint Petersburg), Guča (Serbia), and and had the opportunity to share
the stage with and earn the respect of bands and musicians like Kultur Shock, Boban Marković, Emir Kusturica and many more.

After the recent accolade at the 2013 Sabor Trubača in Guča – the world’s greatest balkan brass festival, where the band performed in front of 20,000 people and were placed second behind Serbian contestants – and after releasing SILENTIUM,
their new, spontaneously unconventional album in December 2013, RADIO*ZASTAVA now want to turn their creative drive to still unexplored horizons, while preserving their distinctive, ironic arrogance and genuine


Gabriele Cancelli – trumpet, vocals
Nico Rinaldi – alto sax
Leo Virgili – trombone, vocals
Walter Grison – tenor & baritone sax
David Cej – accordion, vocals
Stefano Bragagnolo – percussions
Predrag Pijunović – tapan, jaw harp
Marco Kappel – helikona